When Life Gets Expensive…

This summer has been a little dramatic at our house. Chaotic. Expensive.

I’d have to say it started with the back water spigot. You know something’s wrong when you get a man-made lake in the basement because you tried to water the garden with the hose. Enter the plumber.

Next came the heating and cooling man. Our air conditioner hasn’t ever cooled the house efficiently for us, and we really needed to get that looked at before the summer got too hot. The dicey part started when the AC guy told us our air conditioner must have been original to the house. That model is now “out of print,” so to speak, so the only option is to buy a brand new machine. And by the way, your furnace is on its last leg too…

Cue the dentist. “You really need to make an appointment for a root canal as soon as possible…”


We’re not the only ones this happens to, are we? Of course not. But to be honest, it was really hard to count blessings for a while there.

Enter our Heavenly Father with His wonderful promises and His impeccable timing. I tested positive on the day they installed the new air conditioner and furnace. Pregnant. A baby!

It’s almost like God was telling us, “You’re so worried about these temporary possessions…. Here’s an eternal treasure to restore your perspective.”

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God doesn’t promise us an easy life. He doesn’t promise to give us incredible wealth or perfect health. But for Christians, He does promise a home with Him in eternity. Our goal in life is not get as much stuff as we can. (Newsflash: The one with the most toys at the end does not win!) Our bank account will one day pass into nonexistence. But our children? Our salvation? Our home with God? These things are truly lasting.

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