Strawberry Shortcake

Shortcake Hearts

Our church has a carry-in dinner just about once a month, and it’s my prime time to try out new desserts (Since we really shouldn’t have a 9×13 pan of goodies lying around the house. They would never survive. 🙂 ). This time around it’s our Valentine’s Banquet, and I’m taking dairy free strawberry shortcakes – with a twist!

I followed a Betty Crocker recipe posted on (you should go see it!), and instead of making them round, I shaped my shortcakes into hearts. (Note to self: Next time just go buy a cookie cutter heart!)

I was a little worried about the hearts losing their shape while they were in the oven, but the heat didn’t seem to change their shape too much. Not too bad for a first time try!

I arranged the shortcakes on a red platter with a bowl of strawberries in the middle. All ready to share!


What’s your favorite Valentine’s Treat? 🙂

~ Erin