The Parable of the Sower

Hello, my friends! Happy Tuesday to you all!

It’s been a little crazy at our house this week – we celebrated Little Buddy’s first birthday on Saturday, spent time with church and some friends traveling through all day on Sunday, and now my husband is down with a head cold. Yikes! I think we’re headed into a normal week, though, so hopefully life will slow down soon. 🙂

A Little Piece of Life…

One exciting part of life lately has been a Bible study that I’ve been able to start up with a couple of the girls in our church. We’re focusing on relationships, addressing first our most important relationship – our walk with God.

In studying for this past lesson, I spent some time in the parable of the sower (Mark 4), and I enjoyed the study so much, I thought I’d share some of it with you!

The parable of the sower is a story in which Jesus uses four different planting scenarios to picture four different responses to the gospel. I’m just going to talk about the first scenario here. Stay tuned for the rest of the series in the coming weeks!

The Seed and the Birds

The parable begins as the sower goes out to plant his field. In Jesus’ day, all of the farmers planted their seeds by hand, casting them into the soil. As this sower casts his seed, some of the seeds fall on the path. These seeds have no chance to grow whatsoever – they are exposed to the elements and the birds quickly eat them. Jesus explains later that these birds represent Satan. When someone hears God’s Word for the first time, Satan is all too glad to snatch the Word from that person’s heart.

And really, this might be more common than we’d think. What if it looks like this?

Dan and Sue visit church for the first time in ages as a favor to a friend. They find the pastor preaches from the Bible, and he presents them with the gospel. But as they walk through the parking lot toward their car after church, Dan suddenly remembers that one of their taillights is out. “We’re going to have to stop by the hardware store this afternoon…”

See what just happened? Something completely innocuous has caught their attention, and now Dan and Sue intent on fixing the taillight. That’s innocent enough, but it has taken their attention from the good news of salvation that they just heard in church. A bird has come and snatched away the seed.


Believers Can Struggle With This Too!

This parable is primarily about the different responses that unbelievers can have toward the gospel, but there is application for believers as well. Jesus’ story shows us that one of Satan’s strategies in preventing Christian growth is distracting us from God’s Word. Who are we to assume that he only uses this strategy with unbelievers?

Truthfully, I find myself in this position more often than I like to admit. If I don’t make it a priority to spend time with God at the beginning of the day, I struggle to make it happen it all. Once my day has started, my mind is focused on other things – getting the dishes washed, moving clothes washer to dryer, keeping Little Buddy occupied as I prepare lunch… It’s a challenge to set everything aside to read God’s Word and pray.

And even reading in the morning can be challenging. My body is still waking up, and my eyes are bleary. I’m watching the clock to keep our morning routines on schedule, and I’m beginning to think through the events of the day. It’s embarrassing how often I find my mind wandering from my time with God.

If this is your struggle too, be comforted. You’re not the only one! Make a plan to spend time with God. Ask Him to keep you consistent and focused. Keep a pen and paper handy and write down your distractions as you spend time with Him – those distractions will still be there when you’re done. 🙂

Our time with God is too precious to miss. Stay faithful, and He will honor that!

I’m compiling a list of practical tips for spending time with God in Bible study, prayer, and memorization, and I hope to post it soon. Do you have any tips that have helped you? Let me know in the comments below or drop me a note via my contact page, and I’ll add them to my list!

In the meantime, I hope you have a great day!

~ Erin