Strawberry Smoothies

Strawberry Smoothies

My husband and I try not to keep ice cream in the house. It is far too delicious and far too tempting! We do like to have something cold and ice-cream-like around for when we get a craving though, and this recipe usually does the trick. I’ve started using these for nights when we have pizza and chips for supper too. It’s a fun tradition, and it helps Mommy sneak some healthy fruit into the meal! 🙂

I like using apple juice as a base because it keeps well in the cupboard, and it’s pretty cheap at the Dollar Store. I use homemade Greek yogurt in the mix too, so that cuts down on the price a little more. (You should try making it homemade if you eat a lot of yogurt… It’s worth it!) Once the juice and yogurt are in the blender, I add whatever fruit we have on hand. (I have to work a little to keep this part cheap – bananas are easy to come by, but fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries have to be bought on sale. I bought a bunch of cantaloupe for a dollar a piece last summer and froze it, so that’s helping me out this time around!) The oatmeal goes in so it’s a little more filling, and the stevia helps sweeten up the blend a little.

I love this recipe because I can change up the ingredients based on what we have in the fridge. I don’t think I’ve made it the same way more than once or twice! Feel free to experiment with it and find a taste that your family likes! 🙂


You will need:

3 cups apple juice

1 cup yogurt

2-3 cups of fruit

6 ice cubes

½ cup dry oatmeal

2 packets stevia (to taste)



  1. Pour the apple juice and yogurt into a blender; add fruit (this time I’m adding a banana and frozen strawberries and cantaloupe!), ice cubes, oatmeal, and stevia.
  2. Blend the ingredients to the desired consistency, adding more fruit or ice cubes to thicken the mixture. Add more stevia to taste.

I would recommend adding all the ingredients at one time if you can. I tried adding the oatmeal and stevia after blending the rest of the ingredients this time, and I had to do some manual stirring to get it to blend right.

  1. Pour your smoothies into glasses to serve or freeze them in cups for later!


What’s your favorite smoothie recipe? Any tips for me? I’d love to hear about them!

~ Erin