Spaghetti Success

I’ve posted my Spaghetti Fail story already, so now I’m very pleased to post my Spaghetti Success Story!

I had two different recipes contribute to this little brainstorm. I had been browsing Pinterest earlier this week and seen a Pin for a spaghetti casserole with cream cheese. It sounded interesting, the sort of interesting that you file away and save for later. Anyway, a seed was planted.

The other recipe that contributed was for Baked Ziti Casserole, which I’ve made a number of times here at home. That recipe calls for cottage cheese, and I’ve always liked how it tasted.

So last night we had company over for dinner, and the plan was to have spaghetti. I made the sauce as usual (just browned the ground beef and added spaghetti sauce), but then I added a couple spoonfuls of cottage cheese and shredded cheese to the sauce, just to spruce it up.

The cottage cheese variation turned out really well! The sauce was really yummy, and the extra cheeses stretched my meat a bit, which I had been struggling with in my Spaghetti Fail. The new recipe is definitely a keeper!

I’m growing in my understanding of how recipes work. I’m learning to experiment, and I’m getting better at predicting what will taste good. I love the thought of being a “really good cook” someday, someone who can bless her family and guests with delicious meals. It’s fun to see myself making gains toward that goal!

So I’ve shared my success story… What’s your success been lately? I’d love to hear about it! 🙂