Finding Motivation for Spending Time with God

I was approximately six years old. “Mom! I finished reading the whole Bible!”

Granted, it was a picture Bible. With lots of pictures. And “reading” meant looking at the pictures and turning the pages.

But I had turned every page and looked at every picture. And that was something to be proud of! (And I’ll bet my mom didn’t mind the hour or two of peace and quiet either… 🙂 )


Why is it so important to read God’s Word?

As a six-year-old, I knew the Bible was a special book. I knew it was important, and that we needed to read it every day. But I had a long way to go in understanding why this book was so special.

So why do we spend time in God’s Word?

Well, to start us off, we need to note that it’s not about gaining favor with God. It’s not about becoming “the Bible expert.” It’s not about looking good to other people or being known as a good Christian girl.

Reading the Bible is about a relationship.

Take a minute to think about that. As Christians, we have a relationship with the Creator of everything, the God of the universe, and the Savior of our souls.

He wants us to know Him!

And He has given us this book so we might have everything we need to know Him and love Him and please Him.

That is what reading the Bible is all about.


Then why are there times when we just can’t seem to find the motivation…?

As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been there. And I’m sure you have too. Sometimes it is hard to make time for God’s Word. It’s hard to want to. We want to want to, and we know we should… but really? Our hearts aren’t in it.

What do we do when we’re in that rut?


A couple of practical thoughts for when your motivation is gone…

#1. Ask God to give you the desire to read the Bible. Trust me – He wants to answer that prayer for you!

#2. Pick a consistent time to read the Bible, pick a favorite book of the Bible to read… and just do it. Read a few verses or a chapter every single day. As you spend time in God’s Word, delighting in it, He will give you a desire for more!

#3. Thank God for His Word, before and after you spend time reading it. I don’t know why it works, but this little practice helps me wake up excited to get into God’s Word! And I love that feeling! 🙂

#4. Read through Psalm 119! (Yes, the longest chapter in the whole Bible!) This is the psalm I turn to when I hit a motivation block, and God never fails to use it to remind me of the precious privilege we have to read His words. Read a section or two every day, and ask God to give you a heart like the Psalmist’s, a heart that yearns to read and obey His Words.

#5. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, turn your reading in Psalm 119 into a deeper Bible study. What are the characteristics of God’s Word? What does God’s Word teach us about Him? What does God’s Word do in our lives? Pick a question and spend a couple days dwelling in the Psalm. It won’t be long before it starts to dwell in you!

#6. Bonus Resource! I would highly recommend purchasing a journal to record your thoughts and prayers as you read God’s Word, especially if you’re struggling with the motivation to spend time reading the Bible. There are lots of journals available on Amazon – here’s my personal favorite!



Is this where you are?

Friend, if this is the place you find yourself in your spiritual walk, you are not the only one. Any one of us can struggle with this, and many of us do. The point is, you don’t have to stay here! Check out my Seven Day Fresh Start Challenge, ask a friend to hold you accountable, revamp your morning routine to fit some time with God in… Do whatever you need to do to make God a priority. Because, trust me, He is worth it all!

Please feel free to contact me about this – I would love to be praying for you specifically and help you in any way I can! And know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers as you seek pursue a deeper walk with God!


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