On Marriage & Family

And so train the young women to love their husbands and children… Titus 2:4

Wouldn’t it be nice if marriage and parenting were easy? It would! But the truth is, being a Christian wife and mom to a busy family takes lots of work, patience, and love. The posts below are designed to be a resource and an encouragement as you tackle the best relationships here on earth!

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“There’s just so much going on as a wife, mommy, and homemaker. It’s hard to spend quality time with God with everything else going on…”

If you can relate with this sentiment, you’re not the only one! Check out our Pursuing God as Busy Moms posts below to hear what other women are saying and to learn tips for growing in your faith during this busy season of life!

Favorite Resources (I loved these books!!)


On Marriage…

On Parenting…