Homemaker’s Heartbeat

I love making our little yellow house a home! Some days that means I’m rearranging furniture and planning remodels in my head, and other days that means I’m sweeping the bugs off our basement floor. This page holds the archives for some of the strategies that I use to make our home a place to live, laugh, and love!

Little House Cleaning…

Pin - Spring CleaningHappy Cleaning!   Spring is finally here, and it’s time for spring cleaning! It’s quite a gradual process at our house…But we’re making progress, and it is worth it – not only do I enjoy having a cleaner home, I can also serve my family and guests….

Pin - Housekeeping5 Great Housekeeping Tips   I’ve just finished a decluttering weekend, and it feels so nice to have a clean house! I was reading Melissa Michaels’ section on decluttering in her book Love the Home You Have on Friday night, and pretty soon I was reorganizing….