Free Resource to Help You Pray for Your Husband!

Praying for him…

There are some people that I try to pray for every single day, and my husband is one of them. Being a man of God in today’s world is challenging enough as it is, and if any one is going to plead with God on his behalf on a daily basis, it’s going to be me.

But sometimes? It’s hard to know what to pray! Sure, there’s the standard “Lord, give him a good day,” but I want to go deeper than that.

That’s the purpose of this resource! This pretty little bookmark is designed to help us pray Biblically for our husbands. Each day of the week lists a different prayer prompt, and the corresponding Bible references are provided on the back so you can study them more deeply.

Honestly? It’s perfect for slipping into your Bible or prayer journal as a daily reminder to pray for your man of God.

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