Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas for Christian Guys

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Shopping for him is hard!

Do you ever draw a blank when it comes to Christmas presents? You feel like Christmas Day is coming on like a freight train, and you can’t think of anything to buy?

Yep. I’ve been there too. Especially when I’m shopping for the guys in my life.

It shouldn’t be so hard, right? These are some of the people that I know best! But when it comes to shopping for them, I’m lost.

And it doesn’t help that they get a deer-in-the-headlights look when I ask what’s on their wish list.

Budget-friendly gift ideas for Christian men

Well, I’m not buying my husband socks for Christmas this year.

There really are some awesome gift ideas out there, and many of them are reasonably priced. You just have to know where to look! Here are a few ideas that I’ve come across and loved, all of them less than $15. I hope they’ll get your creative juices flowing too! 🙂

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Budget-friendly gift ideas for Christian men

$15 or Less!

1. Homemade Coffee Gift Box

Every gift list for my husband starts with coffee. He loves it! But he already has his coffee grinder and his French press… So my brainstorm landed on Caribou coffee beans this year! We don’t splurge on fancy coffee often, so I’ll have a winner if I can find a fun flavor of beans that he can grind himself!

These beans are cheap, so add a new coffee mug to his collection to make the gift box complete!

2. Coffee gift alternatives…

So maybe you’re already a frequenter of Caribou, or your husband isn’t a fan of coffee. There are still fun options up this alley! Here’s a premade gourmet coffee gift box that he’ll love to get, and here are some fun (albeit, slightly more expensive) hot chocolate gift sets for him to try!

3. Travel Mug

Just one more coffee item that I can’t bear to leave out… I bought my husband this travel mug for Christmas last year, and it’s probably the best gift I’ve ever gotten him. He’s used it every day for a year now, and while it does show a little wear and tear, it’s absolutely been worth the investment!

(Note: Your guy’s hobby might not be coffee, but he probably does have a hobby! A great trick is to brainstorm gifts around that. Hope that helps!)

4. Home Improvement #1

We don’t have to change light bulbs in the dark anymore! My husband received a flashlight similar to this one for Christmas last year, and it’s turned into a very well-used gift. It has a magnetic base and a swivel hook, so you can have light almost anywhere you want it and still have both hands free. My husband likes his for changing lightbulbs, doing car repair work, and checking around the backyard for that weird noise his wife heard… 🙂

5. Home Improvement #2

Guys usually have the basics when it comes to home improvement tools, so buying a hammer or a screw driver isn’t going to be really helpful. But there are still some tools out there that are super useful for those little projects around the house. These aren’t necessary… but they are still really handy if you have one!

This stud finder is a great example! It’s magnetic, so he can keep his hands free if he needs to, and it also has a built-in level. Definitely going to come in handy for those home improvement projects that we have brainstormed for next year… 🙂

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6. Deluxe Breakfast

I’ve told you before – I don’t make a big breakfast for my husband every day. We alternate cereal and bagels, and I try to throw in some pancakes once a week or so.

But you should see his face when I go all out with French toast and bacon and eggs! It’s a lot of extra work, but it’s worth it every time! Try going all out on Christmas Day this year – break out the cinnamon rolls and the bacon and all the yummy, not-so-healthy foods that we think about but rarely make.

Easy Kitchen Tip: Serve breakfast on Christmas-themed paper plates to eliminate the need to wash as many dishes!!

7. Office Gift #1

Find a gift for him to take to the office! I love flip calendars for this idea – they’re a great balance of encouragement and usefulness. And if you write a few personal encouragement notes through the pages, it will make this gift even more meaningful!

8. Office Gift #2

I know we tend to be sentimental as girls. We love having lots of pictures around the house! But while it might seem to be to a lesser degree, guys like these too! Snap a few pictures, slide them into photo frames, and have the kids add a couple stickers or decals. It will be a day-brightener for his long office afternoons!

9. Movie Night!

This is hands-down the best movie I’ve seen for husbands and fathers. Released in 2012, Courageous is an Christian action movie that encourages our family every time we see it. I hope you’ll preview it before giving it away; I don’t want you to be disappointed. But we love this movie, and I hope your family will too!!

10. It’s not a movie night without…

POPCORN!!! I couldn’t resist adding this one to finish us off. There’s something about specialty foods that make us all feel spoiled! This popcorn pack contains four varieties of pre-popped popcorn, and if your husband is like mine, just having the variety will be a fun treat!

Feeling a little more adventurous? He’ll love figuring out how to make his own gourmet popcorn with these eight flavorings!

Budget-friendly gift ideas for Christian men

I hope these ideas are helpful! Share your own awesome ideas in the comments below – we’d love to hear them!


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Budget-friendly gift ideas for Christian men

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