A Little Bit of Sunshine…

Hi there! I am so glad that you found Little Yellow House Adventures, and I hope this little blog has been an encouragement to you. 🙂

The mission of Little Yellow House Adventures is to provide practical encouragement to Christian women as they pursue their God-given roles as Christians, wives, mothers, and homemakers.

Part of that mission happens right here on the blog, and is available to everyone on the web. I write about faith, marriage, family, and food (just every once in a while! 🙂 ).

But my favorite part of that mission doesn’t take place here… 

It happens every week as I send emails to a group of people that I’ve come to think of as my ladies. A community of sisters who I can encourage on a much deeper level than I can here on the blog. And they encourage me! Because Biblical womanhood is a sisterhood thing. And that’s something I’m passionate about!

My emails include easy access to all my latest posts, extra tidbits from our lives here in the Little Yellow House, and practical resources that I’ve found especially helpful in my own life as a Christian, wife, and mommy.

And to top it off? You get automatic access to my existing freebies (you can check them out here and here!), as well as all the future resources that I haven’t created yet. For free!

My hope is that I can encourage other women as they tackle these amazing life-roles. Not because I’ve got it all figured out (because I don’t!), but because I’m learning just like you.

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