5 Great Housekeeping Tips

Housekeeping Tips #1-5

I’ve just finished a decluttering weekend, and it feels so nice to have a clean house! I was reading Melissa Michaels’ section on decluttering in her book Love the Home You Have on Friday night, and pretty soon I was reorganizing baby toys, dusting book shelves, and cleaning kitchen sinks. By Monday, I caught my husband cleaning a bit too, so it must be contagious. 🙂

So here are five housekeeping tips I gleaned from Melissa’s book. Feel free to add your own in the comments below – I’m sure my house could do with some more! You can also check out Melissa’s blog The Inspired Room for her other tips!

1. Start by decluttering one spot in the house. For me it was the baby toys. They needed a home in our living room that wasn’t the middle of our floor! So I pulled out some nice fabric boxes and gave the toys a new home in our bookcase. It felt so nice to have that little piece of our house decluttered, it was easy to move on to another spot.

2. Once everything is uncluttered, keep it uncluttered! I’ve been trying to do a decluttering walk around the house twice a day – once in the morning and once at night after our little boy goes to bed. That way I can start and end the day feeling organized!

3. Clean as you go. The thought of having a clean house all the time is nice, but we also live life in our house! And life tends to be messy! So now I’m trying to stay ahead of the mess by dealing with it when it comes up. Like dishes, for instance – as I make supper, I try to have a sink full of soapy water handy. When I’m done with one dirty dish, I can wash it right away instead of stacking it in the sink for later. (Lucky you if you have a dishwasher! :))

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4. Do a little extra every day. This applies when it comes to things like dusting. Just think what the house would look like if I dusted just 10 surfaces every day.

5. Wipe down the sinks with a rag after every time you wash dishes or brush teeth. The daily cleaning is easy, and it really does make a difference. I’m trying to keep a rag under each sink now so it’s always handy.

There’s my five newest housekeeping tips! Any others you’ve gathered? I would love to hear about them!

~ Erin